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Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Jam – Slow Cooker

  I promise you will taste my Kentucky memories in this fabulous refrigerator staple. I have made this jam so many times I have lost count! It’s a Mason jar-filled Christmas gift paired with a loaf of fresh bread tied up with twine. It’s a glaze or topping for grilled pork chops. It’s piled high … Continue reading »

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Easiest Fruit Tart Ever

I have to tell you something. Some of my best recipes came about when I was 19 years old and college-student poor! My recipe for the Easiest Fruit Tart Ever is my favorite quick, gourmet dessert or freshly made breakfast treat! I have made it thousands of times and it never ceases to amaze me how awesome … Continue reading »

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My Easy Healthy Muffin

Even though I have been making a version of my easy muffin recipe for what seems like 40 years, this particular recipe is in honor of my longtime friend, Angie. She was diagnosed with diabetes some time ago, and had been searching online for a muffin recipe that was healthy for diabetics and versatile, yet tasty. When … Continue reading »

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Tropical Baked Oatmeal

Like a lot of you, I am a collector of cookbooks and I’ve been known to sit for hours reading them. One of my absolute favorites is, “Room at the Table.” This book is so beautiful and showcases all the premier bed and breakfasts of Kentucky. Luckily, in my county of Oldham, we are fortunate … Continue reading »

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Easy Hot Fudge Cake

This easy hot fudge cake recipe should be made with caution! Only severe chocoholics need attempt it. It’s simple and yet scumptious! I have been making this recipe for my Aunt Dorothy at every family function for the last 10 years! I know better than to leave this one off the menu no matter the … Continue reading »

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Easy Red Velvet Pancakes

The last time I made this breakfast I was with a guest at Edgewater Resort at Taylorsville Lake in Taylorsville, KY. I was teaching him how to make an easy romantic breakfast-in-bed for his new wife before she arrived at the Resort later that evening. They were visiting the Resort for a couples’ weekend getaway and he wanted to make something … Continue reading »

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Peppered Candied Bacon

Who doesn’t love bacon? If you actually know someone who doesn’t, I suggest you don’t say their name out loud. My guess is that the universe would not be pleased to hear about it. This recipe is proof that you can take ordinary ingredients and glam them up pretty easily. The only real piece of … Continue reading »

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Peanut Butter Puppy Chow

Believe it or not this recipe came as the result of needing something to munch on between Christmas dinner and dessert! In my family for the holidays we take our time opening Christmas gifts. There are usually at least 10 of us opening presents so it takes quite a bit of time – especially when each … Continue reading »

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Cinnamon Coffee Pecans

Even though this is such an easy, adjustable recipe and even though I have been asked 1000 times for it, I have never written it down – much less given it to anyone. I’ve thought long and hard about giving this recipe away and have actually lost quite a bit of sleep over it. So, because this … Continue reading »

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