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Welcome Home

Welcome home to The Foodie Tourist! If this is your first time at my place, come on in! Let me give you a taste of what’s on my plate this time around.

  • Candy Orange Slice Cake – Aaaahhhhh the memories of making this moist cake with my grandma! A tour group favorite.
  • Kentucky Bourbon Bacon Jam – Bourbon. Bacon. Maple Syrup. Slow Cooker. What other reason do you need?
  • Tropical Baked Oatmeal – After you have my baked oatmeal, I promise you will have it on your table at least once a month! A great recipe to be creative!

If you want to know more about me personally (since we’ll surely become friends now), check out the “About” tab. If you feel a little funny getting to know me so quickly, come on in anyway and pull up a chair. Let’s talk about all things DELISH!

I don’t know about you, but I can usually tell you where I was when I tasted something delicious. And sometimes the not-so-delicious, but I can still remember where I ate it. Those are my travel memories. Memories etched in my mind by a potato or mile-high peanut butter pie.

My hope is to give you a little piece of my Kentucky travels one dish at a time, entertain you with my stories (and I have some doozies), and tempt you with the food I eat and cook along the way. Did I mention I’m a cook? There’s just no telling, really, what you’ll find here.

My “Dish Behind the Dish” are those personal memories that were fabulous enough for me to share you the nitty gritty behind the recipes I whip up at home. I sure hope you find something you like and I hope you visit often. You never know. You just might get excited to visit Kentucky. Maybe we’ll even cross paths. But in the meantime, I’ll give you some of my memories to hold you over til you get here!